ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x65 Smart Day/Night Binocular


ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x65 Smart Day/Night Binocular



The BinoX-HD features ATN’s smooth E-zoom magnification system, for an easy and silky magnification experience unlike that available with an analog variable zoom lens. It also features WIFI and Bluetooth compatibility to make connecting your device to the outside world a breeze. In addition it features video recording and camera functionality, as well as a built in GPS sensor, so keeping track of your hunts, hikes, and even trips to the baseball game is fun and convenient!


Obsidian Core & UI

  • The Obsidian Core is a highly specialized computer that is designed to run a suite of sensors and crunch huge files in a blink of an eye.
  • A billion cycles per second.
  • Utilizing high-resolution sensor with distinct night vision capability.

  • It is more easier then setting up your smartphone and like your phone offers plenty of customization to make your ATN HD device.     



  • Intuitive User Interface

    The interface is designed to make set up and use easy and intuitive. Shortcut menus facilitate access to your most frequent commands. All the important scales of the 3D rotation are displayed at the edge of the screen so as to not interfere with your vision.

  • Smooth Zoom

    Unlike many traditional optics, the silky smooth zoom helps you get up close and personal with everything you’re looking at.

  • E-Compass

    The E-Compass let you know exactly what direction you need to head so you can move a little closer and get a better shot at that monster buck you’re tracking.

  • E-Barometer

    Informs you of the athmospheric conditions so that you apply the shot with maximum precision.

  • Gyroscope

    Improve ability to smoothly spot game by activating the built-in gyroscope & image stabilization! Steady your view and make the experience a lot of more fun!

  • GPS

    Allows the user to pinpoint the exact position.

  • WIFI and Bluetooth

    Enables internet communications and communications among different units.

  • Video Recording, allows you to enjoy the recorded videos, together with your friends and family.

  • Three different types of image resolutions


Black & White

Day View


Technical Data:

  • Sensor: HD 1080p ATN L130
  • Sensor Magnification: 4 - 16 X Field of View @ 100 m: 7.3 m
  • Angle of view: 6 °
  • Objective lens: 65 mm
  • Micro display: 960x540 x 2 Core ATN Obsidian
  • System Resolution: 90 lp/mm
  • Focus range: 3.5 m - ∞
  • Eye relief: 10 - 30 mm
  • Interpupillary adjustment range: 60 - 70 mm
  • IR illuminator range: 275 m
  • IP rating: Weather resistant
  • Video Record Resolution: 1080p at 30 fps
  • Microphone: Yes
  • On board memory: 4 GB Micro
  • SD card: From 4 to 64 GB
  • Micro USB: External Battery Pack
  • Micro HDMI: Yes
  • WiFi (Streaming, Gallery & Controls) iOS & Android GPS (Geotagging, Elevation, etc.): Yes
  • 3D Gyroscope: Yes - GS3
  • 3D Accelerometer: Yes
  • 3D Magnetometer: Yes
  • Electronic Compass: Yes
  • Smooth Zoom: Yes
  • Battery life (Li-ion): 6 - 8 hours
  • Battery pack life (16000mah): 22+ hours
  • Battery type: (3) CR123
  • Dimensions 8.2" x 5" x 2.3"/208 mm x 127 mm x 59 mm
  • Weight: 794 g
  • Warranty: Two years


OBS: All ATN BinoX-HD scopes can be updated to the newest programs by simply going to the ATN website and plugging in the device to your computer. That way one can download the latest update for the scope. So regardless of which generation you bought, you can always have the latest functions in your device.



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